you and up4d, together we are #solutionheroes!

up4d - your road to investor and venture successes

up4distribution, a Swiss company with a branch in Ho Chi Minh City, VN
and a remote team over 3 time zones.

As venture accelerator we accelerate ventures on investor searches, business development
and during scaling up activities.

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Leader Team

Christoph Laib
Bord Member
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Richard Mähr
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Thomas Kistler
Owner & CEO
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Leader Team

Thomas Kistler
Co-Owner & CEO
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Ha Truong
Co-Owner & CHROO
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Uyen Le
Head of Operation
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Leader Team

Thomas Kistler
Remote Team Leader
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Maja Vukadinovic
Remote Team Coordinator
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Your new teammates
From Ho Chi Minh, we support you and your venture every day. No matter if you are an investor or a startup, benefit from our free time booster thanks to the time difference!

We find investors for ventures, generate revenue together with you, refine data, design and develop prototypes, MVP'S & homepages.

We are your helping hand with countless skills for you and your startup!
How does our cooperation work?

up4distribution collaborates with investors and startups globally and interculturally over multiple jurisdictions and several time zones.

This is the way how we work:

Working principals
Agile project management
up4distribution collaborates iteratively and on a agile manner with venture teams.
Celebrate successes
Celebrating “small” successes it is important for the future motivation and a positive project spirit.
Continuous Improvements
Learn from each iteration, improve immediately and do better the next time!
Collaboration principals
Intercultural teams and partners
Respect is important for us, we respect all opinions, genders and religions equally.
As a Swiss company, the most contracts, financial transactions and the place of jurisdiction are based on Swiss law.
Time zones & remote work
up4distribution provides a very high level of remote collaboration skills.


Venture Opportunities


Investors will find an access to global startups through up4distribution.

up4distribution only presents ventures to investors which passed successfully through all steps of a financial, legal and physical due diligence processes.


Startups will also find an access to global Investors with up4distribution.

up4distribution will provide many helpful hands to Startups on all Due Diligence, Investor- selection and addressing preparations.


Venture Opportunities


Investors find access to global ventures at up4distribution.


up4distribution exclusively presents investors with ventures that have successfully passed all steps of financial, legal and physical due diligence.


Ventures also find access to global investors through up4distribution.

up4distribution offers ventures a lot of helpful support in the preparations for due diligence, investor selection and their addressing.

Venture Mentoring for Venture Budgets

Ventures are dealing with limited budgets but the need of mentoring is high.
For this reason up4distribution provides you the “Venture Mentoring Hotline”.

  • 30 Minutes
    free exchange
  • 30 Minutes
    Express exchange - €45
  • 60 Minutes
    Remote Mentoring - €45
30 minutes free exchange

We will exchange about...

30 Minutes express exchange for €45

We will exchange about...

60 Minutes Remote Mentoring €85

We will exchange about...

Recommendations from Social Media

up4d nutzt LinkedIn als Erfolgstool

Nhu Duong Tan

Senior Software Engineer at
NTUC Enterprise Cooperative Limited

Thommy and I worked together for more than three years in PHP software projects we using Scrum methodology with our customers. Thommy's solid knowledge and experiences in Scrum methodology, it was helpful for us to manage projects simple and in the right direction always we achieved the customer goals. The collaboration was always a pleasure because he is a person with professional skills of leader ship, management and team support he always was able to provide a motivating team spirit. For this reasons, I would love to work with him again. Thank you Thommy for the great time. I am looking forward to next mutual future.

Quoc Truong LE

Software Architect, Technical Team Leader, SCRUM Master, SCJP,
Honours BSc, MSc

I got the chance to start a collaboration with Thommy in 2014 when i joined BBV Vietnam. I would say for us was the respectfully collabortion allways a great pleasure and for the future, I will enjoy our wonderful friendship. Thommy is a very professional person in all business and (intercultural) collaboration aspects, my own learning profit is big, he guides me and my team always save through all project bottlenecks. I appreciated that he is sharing his knowledge on a simple and comprehensible way, personally I learned a lot from his experiences and achievements. I recommend Thommy's consultancy and assistance for sophisticated project matters to achieve speed and effectiveness. Now... explore by yourself, you will find an excellent guidance, especially for your early stage of projects or a startup. Last but not least ... whenever you will visit him on his Ho Chi Minh City office, sure you will undergo a great hospitality, potentially a city exploring with his Motorbike and enjoy Vietnamese food which he loves so much...

Sandro Sanapo

CEO der IIC Invest &
Insurance Company AG

I know Thommy now almost 3 decades, he is distinguished in particular that he follows the set goals unswervingly and achieved them. I do know, he do not makes half measures and of all what he tackles even enthusiastic. His late high level education in business economic and project management does support all of the required software development tasks very well. He is in full bloom in his activity and does makes an important and indispensable contribution to the development of our digital world.

Sophie Prange

Freelance Content Marketing and
Project Manager

Ich schätze Thommy sehr – zum einen für sein Wissen in Sachen Startup Strategieentwicklung, Investorensuche und Business Development, aber auch für seine Besonnenheit als Team Leader, die zielorientiere, agile Arbeitsmethodik sowie die Kommunikation auf Augenhöhe. In den mittlerweile 2 Jahren unserer Zusammenarbeit, wovon ich 5 Monate im Praktikum in Vietnam war und seitdem freiberuflich mit Thommy arbeite, durfte ich unfassbar viel von ihm lernen und dank dem entgegengebrachten Vertrauen früh zum Gelingen verschiedenster spannender Projekte beitragen.

Schari Akef

Schimmelexpertere | Horizontal- und Vertikalabdichtung
Druckwassersanierung | Die Zukunft nachhaltig sanieren!

Ich war schon zweimal für mein Startup im Think Tank bei up4distribution in Vietnam, die Zeit war jedesmal sehr hilfreich und hat uns in der Anfangsphase unterstützt um in unserem Startup - Vorhaben schnell Klarheit, Sicherheit und Durchblick in der
Strategiefindung zu gewinnen. Im weiteren beziehen wir seit einem Jahr vor allem für unsere Business Development Aufgaben remote Dienstleistungen von up4distribution, welche uns den gewünschten Speed in der Kundengewinnung und Geschäftsausbau bringt. Alles in allem, die Zusammenarbeit mit Thommy ist professionell, wertvoll und Budget gerecht für unser Startup. Sehr gerne empfehle ich die Zusammenarbeit mit Thommy und dem ganzen up4distribution Team an Startupmanager.

Stefan Sollberger

CEO Sollberger KMU Treuhand / Investor / Unternehmensberatung
Dual Klinik Konzept Burnout Radiologie

I recommend Thomas Kistler as an innovative entrepreneur. He's very focused and is working goal orientated in order to achieve his targets. His support to Sollberger KMU Treuhand is highly appreciated and the exchange of business ideas and visions is seen as big asset in our partnership.

Andre Nordlohne

Mehr Zeit durch digitales Dokumentenmanagement - ohne
tiefes IT-Wissen oder
Ihr Kerngeschäft zu vernachlässigen

At the moment I'm building up my company "Nordlohne Verbund". While I was in Vietnam to connect with business partners, I got in touch with up4distribution because it was suggested to me. Beeing there I've gained knowledge regarding to pitching, business development and strategy identification. For those reasons I've taken part at the think tank offering for more than one week. I've learned a lot in this short time period. Now I feel prepared to launch my company

Petra Baumann-Paulus

Inhaberin und Geschäftsführerin
House of Jobs AG

Ich arbeite seit Jahren in verschiedensten Projekten mit Thomas Kistler zusammen. Die Zusammenarbeit ist jederzeit bereichernd und äusserst professionell. Seine Dienstleistungen sind hervorragend, durchdacht und gewinnbringend. Herzlichen Dank Thommy! Petra Baumann, GL, House of Jobs AG

Andrew Lawrence

Founder and Strategy Manager XR communication solutions across all businessa reas

Although we did not work together, I am very thankful for Thommies tips and tricks to finding an investor. It was of much use and has proven essential in my successful search for an investor. Thommy is a very open, generous individual who really has the customer a heart. I can only recommend that if you have a clear and good business plan, to talk with Thommy, and let him help you create your pitches.

Denisa Furnica

Head of Website, Portals &
E-Commerce at ti&m

Thomas and I worked together for two years, time in which we setup and built a solid and successful collaboration. He gave me full support in navigating the administrative aspects and made sure all questions were answered. Thomas has provided invaluable help in building a knowledgeable team and efficient processes. He is very attentive to the business needs and he accommodates all the requests in a flexible and reliable way. I recommend Thomas for his effectiveness and his win-win approach, which ensure the success of any cooperation and I would be happy to work again with him in the future.

Mukesh Kumar

Business Developer | Product Management | Project & Program Management | Innovation Management | Business Development & Strategies | Business Consulting | Fund Raising

Thommy has perfect & rich knowledge base for the people who want to excel in their startup business, the explanation and the points need to take care from idea generation to market launch were amazing and I learned a lot from him in such a short span of time. Thanks a lot for your guidance and valuable time. I wish you very best of luck and please keep spreading the valuable knowledge which you are holding!

Duy Nguyen

Technical Architect

I have been working with Thommy for almost three years at bbv Software Services AG in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, he was my Deputy Managing Director. I always appreciate his knowledge and advice on the Agile project management, Thommy has helped us very well on both customer and internal negotiations with his excellent leadership management experiences through all project phases. I recommend Thommy for sophisticated software development projects, he will lead your project and team in a spirit of responsibility, success and friendship. Thanks Thommy, for the wonderful and friendly collaboration.

Cuong (Tony) Nguyen

Digital Marketing Coordinator | Data Analyst

Thommy is one of the most valuable people I have ever worked with. His hands-on strategy to social business development, agile project management, business development, design thinking and powerful personality gained him the respect of the staff. His performance at up4distribution GmbH was golden. Working at up4distribution GmbH is most challenging, and he battled the impediments. I would like to think about everything I learned about startups, business architecture, startup acceleration I learned from him. He learns quickly and I would have no doubt in working with Thommy once again in the future.
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