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Insights to the up4d venture portfolio


Disruptive Machine Engineering

SpaceTech 4 Industry

Reduction of energy, emissions, increase of efficiency and enabling hydrogen injection with SmartValve Technology

In a nutshell

• Post Revenue close to Break Even
• Production Industry
• Wehr ( West Germany)
• Global

Required Investment

• € 5M
• Equity / Loan / Convertible Notes.


Vertical Farmers

Every day & Season - Day and Night

Innovative advanced vertical farming technology to grow fruits, herbs and greens indoors, 24/7, year round.

In a nutshell

• Post Revenue (December 22)
• Vertical Indoor Farming
• Bangkok
• South East Asia

Required Investment

• $ 100K.
• Equity Deal / Convertible Note.

Modern House

Distribution B2B2C Marketplace

You can cook

CANCOOK - brand wholesale, distribution of household appliances. Growth capital for scale-ups.

In a nutshell

• Post Revenue 10k - 200K
• B2B2C, Kitchen electrical appliance
• Headquadered - Vietnam
• Target Market: National

Required Investment

• $500K
• Equity Deal

Carbon Asset Solutions

Carbon Asset Solutions

Precision Carbon Credit supply

We supply precision soil based Carbon Credits faster and more cost effectively.

In a nutshell

• Post revenue
• Climate technology
• Headquadered - Australia
• Target Market: Global

Required Investment

• AU$ 5M
• Equity


The intercity auction marketplace

Don't Just Sell It, Auction it!

Etaro - Electronic gathering of buyers and sellers. A B2B2C auction marketplace, 400 MVP users.

In a nutshell

• Pre revenue
• E-Commerce, PaaS
• Noida, India
• National, Global

Required Investment

• Up to $500K
• Equity Model


The productivity assistant for ADHD

The Future of Getting Things Done

Our technology and expert coaching help people with ADHD to organize and cope with everyday life.

In a nutshell

• Post Revenue/Beta Testing/Market Entry
• Health Tech, Digital Health
• St. Gallen, Switzerland
• Europe, D/A/CH/

Required Investment

• 50K as Support Ticket or 250K as Boost ticket.
• Equity Deal


Next generation delivery services

Local Shopping and urban logistic

Buy local products online. With u-pax you order what you like and have products from your area delivered to your home.

In a nutshell

• Post-Revenue
• Online Shopping & Delivery Platform
• Munich, Germany
• B2B2C - D/CH

Required Investment

• € 2.5MI
• Equity Deals or Convertible Notes

Pro Seller

Digital B2B Marketplace (M&A Deal)

800 customers and solid growth

A solid company connected across all business levels will scale up, we looking for growth capital.

In a nutshell

• Post break even, positive EBITDA
• B2B, E-Commerce, E-Procurement
• Zurich, Switzerland
• Target market: D / A / CH

Required Investment

• CHF 15M
• Majority e-deals are possible


Machine Engineering and Composites

More efficiency and sustainability

Patents out of aerospace industry technology granted to the commercial industry.

In a nutshell

• Post Revenue, Bootstrapped
• Manufacturing industry
• Headquartered - Wehr, Germany
• Target Market: Global

Required Investment

• € 1.5M
• Loan - Equity Deal - Conv. grade


Miniaturizing Gas sensors

The gas sensor revolution

Disruptive technology for semiconductor companies and gas sensor OEMs.

In a nutshell

• Post Revenue, Bootstrapped
• Sensors, IoT, Semiconductors
• Munich, Germany
• B2B, OEM

Required Investment

• Tickets of €500K up to €2M
• Equity Deals or Conv. Loans.


E-Health Market Place

Payments & Bookings

The quickest way to search and find health therapy appointment that fits into patient schedule.

In a nutshell

• Pre Revenue, Market entry
• Health practitioners and clinics
• Sydney, Australia
• Medical Clinics and Patients

Required Investment

• Tickets $500K up to $1.5M
• Loan, Equity Deal - Conv. note


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