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Digital B2B Marketplace (M&A Deal)

800 customers and solid growth

A solid company connected across all business levels will scale up, we looking for growth capital.

In a nutshell

• Post break even, positive EBITDA
• B2B, E-Commerce, E-Procurement
• Zurich, Switzerland
• Target market: D / A / CH

Required Investment

• CHF 15M
• Majority e-deals are possible


Machine Engineering and Composites

More efficiency and sustainability

Patents out of aerospace industry technology granted to the commercial industry.

In a nutshell

• Post Revenue, Bootstrapped
• Manufacturing industry
• Headquartered - Wehr, Germany
• Target Market: Global

Required Investment

• € 1.5M
• Loan - Equity Deal - Conv. grade


SaaS - Video Library Platform

AI-keyword search in clips and videos

Keyword search in e-meetings and other video recordings - AI makes it possible and simple.

In a nutshell

• Pre Revenue, Bootstrapped
• Cross-Industry and Education
• Headquartered - Munich, Germany
• Target Market: Global

Required Investment

• A € 200K ticket, one € 1M ticket
• Loan - Equity Deal - Conv. grade


Financial education for children

Finny makes pocket money fun

Digital money becomes understandable: Connect the piggy bank to your child's first bank account.

In a nutshell

• Pre Revenue, 3000 beta users
• EdTech, FinTech, IoT
• Zurich - Switzerland
• EU, parents with children

Required Investment

• Tickets from € 300K up to 1.3 m
• Equity deals and conv. grade.


Miniaturizing Gas sensors

The gas sensor revolution

Disruptive technology for semiconductor companies and gas sensor OEMs.

In a nutshell

• Post Revenue, Bootstrapped
• Sensors, IoT, Semiconductors
• Munich, Germany
• B2B, OEM

Required Investment

• Tickets of €500K up to €2M
• Equity Deals or Conv. Loans.


E-Health Market Place

Payments & Bookings

The quickest way to search and find health therapy appointment that fits into patient schedule.

In a nutshell

• Pre Revenue, Market entry
• Health practitioners and clinics
• Sydney, Australia
• Medical Clinics and Patients

Required Investment

• Tickets $500K up to $1.5M
• Loan, Equity Deal - Conv. note


Innovation For Classical Music

Music Devices, Software and Scores

All in one solution for professional musicians with dedicated devices, software and scores.

In a nutshell

• Pre Revenue, Bootstrapped
• Software and Device Technology
• Salzburg, Austria
• B2B Musicians Market

Required Investment

• Tickets €400K up to 600K
• Loan, Eqity Deal and Conv. note


SaaS eCommerce as a Service

SaaS & eCommerce

Providing the global most effective eCommerce solution for small to medium-sized enterprises.

In a nutshell

• Post- Revenue, Bootstrapped
• SaaS & eCommerce
• Zug, Switzerland
• Global

Required Investment

• A €400K up to 1.5M ticket
• Loan - Equity Deal - Conv. note


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