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Create an application profile for your startup or scaleup easily and free of charge in order to become part of the up4d B2B investor portfolio. We find investors for your young company that are precisely tailored to your needs, we are also happy to search dedicated!


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Tenders of investors

In this section you will always find the latest investor tenders. You can complete the application here at any time, we already looking forward to you and your venture.


From startup to scaleup

Values that makes differences

A German family office that is oriented by attributes such as integrity, honesty and respect.

In a nutshell

- Positive EBIT €500K
- Enterprise software house
- German-speaking EU region

Required Investment

• Between €8m and €55m
• Equity Deal


From a scale-up to a company

Growing across borders

Unfold your full potential together with the world’s fastest growing economy.

In a nutshell

• Post Revenue - €350K annually
• Technology solutions
• Western of Europe or China

Required Investment

• Between €55K and €2m
• Equity Deal


Growth capital for scale-ups

IT technology company

We are looking for convincing arguments for outstanding growth and value add strategies.

In a nutshell

• EBITDA of €1m
• Software technology projects
• D/A/CH area

Required Investment

• Between €5m and €25m
• Equity Deal


Growth capital for scale-ups

Doing business in Australia

Our investor supports high-tech innovations, excellent team skills and professionalism.

In a nutshell

• Annual revenue $350K and beyond
• SaaS - PaaS - Blockchain - Fintech
• Australia

Required Investment

• Between $500K and $5m
• Equity Deal


Promising European Ventures

Compelling technology solutions

Our investor pursue growth equity investments and buyouts in the technology sectors.

In a nutshell

• Positive EBITA Situation
• Disruptive Technologies
• Europe

Required Investment

• $5m up to $500m
• Minority and majority deals


Tenders of Investors

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Ventures are dealing with limited budgets but the need of mentoring is high.

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